An Opportunity to Grow

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I have a new coaching network starting next month and I have a few spots open for it. I've gotten several inquiries about the network and what is covered in each session. So here's a basic outline of what I cover in each session. 

Session One: The Personal Development of the Senior Pastor – In this session we will cover the 3 major areas of personal development in the life of the Senior Pastor that becomes the foundation of growth in the church. 

1.   Session Two: Follow Up – In this session we will cover the 4 most important areas of follow up that leads to health and growth in a local church:

1.   Session Three: Developing other Leaders – In this session we will discuss the most neglected factors in church life – the development of leaders.  Here we will discuss the 4 stages of leadership development and how to help people move from one level to the next.  

Session Four: Leading an Effective Staff (Part 1) – In this session we will explore the ins and outs of staffing.  Here we will discuss establishing an effective hiring process, managing staff, and releasing underperforming staff members.

Session Five: Leading an Effective Staff (Part 2) – In this session we complete our discussion of staffing.  We will talk about the role of the Senior Pastor in managing staff, training staff, and releasing underperforming staff members. We will also talk about best practices for salary, severance and staff reviews.

Session Six: Advanced Outreach Strategies – This session focuses on maximizing available strategies for outreach that includes: Direct mail, Facebook and Google. These contrarian principles will give you tremendous results in reaching new people through these means.

Session Seven: Preaching for Life Change – In this session we will talk about one of the most important aspects of church life – preaching.  This coaching session will focus on both the delivery of the message and the preparation of the messenger. We will also look at the role of the calendar in planning our preaching. 

Session Eight: Breaking Barriers to Growth – In this session we will talk frankly about how to build a church that keeps reaching people. Here we focus on overcoming growth barriers and developing systems that allow a church to stay healthy while growing for the long haul.

If you're interested in joining the coaching network, you can apply here

Also, when you join the network, you receive over $500 in resources as well as a one on one coaching session from me. 

I do this because I love investing in Pastors and seeing them reach their communities for Jesus. 

The average Pastor who participates in the network has seen over 25% increase in attendance as well as a healthier church overall. 

Here's what a couple of recent coaching alumni had to say:

“Bob’s coaching network provides a
wealth of information and experience.  I recommend Bob’s Coaching Network
to any church planter or seasoned pastor who wants to take their leadership and
church to the next level.  Our church has benefited from coaching in
greatly improving our Sunday experience and strengthening our ministries and
systems.  We've noticed a new confidence in our church members to invite
others to our worship experiences.  The Coaching network is well worth the
investment, and a great opportunity to grow as a leader.” – Senior Pastor in Miami, FL

"Being a new church plant monies
are tight and I thought twice about doing 
Bob's network. I'm now about to
finish up my second coaching network with him and would encourage you if you
are thinking for whatever reason about not doing it… do it!! This is stuff you'll use
now as well as in the future. You'll be miles ahead because of it… we
are!!" – Senior Pastor in Naples, FL

If you're interested, you can apply here. I believe this decision can make all the difference in your church.