An Easter Checklist

Bob FranquizChurch

The big day is 19 days away, so here's 10 things you need to have ready for Easter to be a day where you reach a lot of people:

1. Direct Mail – What's you direct mail plan? (Please tell me it's not just blasting a few zip codes. Be more strategic and you'll see much better results)

2. Mobilizing your congregation – Have you equipped your church with the tools they need to invite friends?

3. New Believers – Are you prepared for God to bless your church with new believers?

4. Servants – Have you challenged those who don't serve to get involved in some way for Easter? It's a great first step for some.

5. Outreach – Do you have a plan for outreach that includes Facebook, mail, phone calls and some other creative way to get the word out about your services?

6. Google – Have you invested in some adwords that will direct people to your website?

7. Website – Have you make some website improvements to better serve those who are new to your site during the Easter season?

8. Prayer – If your congregation praying specifically for their friends, family, community and Pastor leading up to Easter?

9. Messages – Have you nailed down your Easter series and your specific Easter message? Don't wait until Good Friday to start preparing the most important sermon you'll give all year!

10. You – Are you ready? Have you been seeking God? Do you have a word from Him that you need to share?

Go through this list and see the areas you need to work on and give those extra effort this week. Time is of the essence!

By the way, I'm leading a tele-seminar on Thursday called "Direct Mail Essentials" from 1PM-2PM EST. I'm going to lay out the 7 steps to getting great results with direct mail.