Amping Up Your Church’s Facebook This Christmas

Bob FranquizGeneral

Right now everyone’s making their Christmas week plans.

So here’s my question for you…

How are you ensuring that they remember your church services among all the last minute shopping and family get-togethers? 

Social Media is the one place you can be sure people will be still be checking in.

So make sure your church has got its Facebook points of contact covered. This includes:

  1. Graphics if you have them. We post these as well as send them out via email.  Here’s an example of the one we’re using right now at Calvary. Godwithus
  2. Co-opting Staff and Key leaders to boost posts with comments and likes. This will help more friends of your congregation see the invites you’re posting.
  3. Use paid facebook ads to expand the reach to your community.  This is how you go beyond what Facebook calls “organic reach” and invite everyone else.  You can post a video and only pay 2 or 3 cents for every person that views it.  Doesn’t get much cheaper than that for paid promotion.

Hopefully this is just a helpful reminder for you to stay on track this week with outreach.

To get some more helpful steps to make sure you’re covering all the bases, get my free Facebook strategy here:


God bless.