American Idol Finale and other LA stuff

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I didn’t watch the finale. It’s weird: American Idol is recorded live in LA, but people in LA don’t get to watch it until 3 hours later. Anyone else find that weird?

Anyway, I was shocked to learn that Taylor Hicks won! I thought he outperformed Katherine, but I thought she was going to win anyway. And to think that Simon wasn’t going to send Taylor to Hollywood. Hello! Although Simon did have the best line of the season after a Taylor Hicks performance: “Taylor, are you drunk?” I’m sorry, but that was hilarious.

I like Pacific time, I think. Carey loves it. And I think she loves the weather a little too much. The weather has been unbelievable since we’ve been here. People leave the doors open and DON’T run the a/c because it’s so nice out. Saddleback’s bookstore was OUTSIDE under a couple of canopys. And the pages of the books didn’t get warped due to humidity! What a place! As much as I like it here, I wake up everyday feeling like I’m behind schedule because by the time I’m getting up it’s mid-morning in Miami. It’s a weird feeling.

I think I prefer EST better. Everything happens there first and I like being first. So today marks the first day of our official vacation. We’re going to check out a bunch of places today, including the one place that I have wanted to visit since I was 6. I can’t wait!!!