All You Can Eat Easter Outreach

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One week from today is our annual Easter Ninja conference where we bring you leading Pastors from around the country and

Here’s what is important for you to know: this is all new content.

Every pastor is bringing a message that is going to help you reach more people this Easter.

For example…

Troy Gramling is going to be sharing how to get your church inviting like never before.



Ed Stetzer will be talking about how to mobilize our churches at Easter.



Carlos Whitaker will be talking about putting together an Easter worship set that engages believers and the unchurched.


Shawn Lovejoy will be teaching how to ramp up to Easter without burning out yourself or your team.



Geoff Surratt will be teaching how to keep those you reach on Easter.



Steve Stroope will talking about creating a culture that makes mobilizing your church automatic.



Eric Geiger will be talking about connecting with people and following up with those you reach.



Jason Miller will talking about unleashing creativity in your Easter services.



Pedro Garcia will taking about how to give evangelistic invitations that people respond to.



And I (Bob Franquiz) will be teaching on how to avoid the 3 big outreach mistakes that churches make.


Here’s the bottom line: you need to be part of Easter Ninja!

This is going to help you and your entire team!

You can register at



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship