A New type of Conference?

Bob FranquizChurch

What if we changed the way we did conferences in the church? Instead of all the megachurch Pastors teaching how they went from 0-10,000, what if we took a new approach? What if Pastors of churches around 1,000 taught church leaders of churches under 1,000. Then the churches around 5,000 taught the church leaders of those between 1,000 and up. I know there’s a million factors as to why many people wouldn’t go for this (Mainly because there are much more smaller churches than larger ones and I would venture to say most of the conference tickets are purchased by smaller churches). But do you believe this would be more helpful? I have a friend that started his church 3 years before me and my friendship with him has been more helpful than most of what I’ve heard from any conference. That’s because I can see what the next step looks like. Am I totally insane on this one? Or could we be stumbling upon a new way of helping each other be more effective?