A Wacky way to Double your Volunteers

Bob FranquizChurch

Something strange is happening at Calvary (the church I Pastor).

People are signing up to volunteer in droves. It’s bordering on Black Friday at the mall crowds for people to get plugged in to serve.

Here’s why this is odd: I’ve only taught one message in the last 12 months on servanthood (I know, not enough.)

But people are signing up to volunteer faster than a politician can spend other people’s money.

Why is this happening? It’s weird. Wacky some might say. But it’s totally effective… and even a little fun.

Here it is: People know that we have a system for developing leaders and only those who serve get developed at the highest levels.

At Calvary, the people who get invested in the most are those who serve.

So people are lining up to serve (in fact, over 50% of our church is serving in some capacity) because they want to get into one of our leadership development groups.

Now before think this is an anomaly, it’s not. In fact, this can be the story of your church as well. All it takes is a system for developing leaders that takes people from infancy to maturity.

I’ve been asked about how we do this this many times. That’s why I’m leading a 6-month coaching network that’s going to take you step by step through a proven system for developing leaders at every level of your church.

But be warned: this isn’t for the faint of heart. Leadership development is serious business to me, so don’t join this network if you aren’t committed to growing your leaders significantly!

There’s a bunch of bonuses and other goodies that you receive when you join as well.

We’re starting next Wednesday (May 16th), so time is of the essence.

So if you’re interested, saddle up and head over to www.ninjaleadership.com.