A Stewardship Lesson from a Used Car Salesman

Bob FranquizGeneral

There’s this used car salesman that I know.

Actually he runs an entire dealership, but I sold him my old car last year.

As we were talking, the topic of tax returns came up.

He said, “Bob, we are devoting all of our ads to encourage people to spend their tax refunds on a new car. We give them a vision for their money. That unexpected money could be used to get the car they’ve always wanted.”

He went on and said, “You need to do the same. At Calvary, you need to give people a vision for that money so they can see it as a tool for the Kingdom.”

I was so inspired after that meeting.

And I learned a great lesson.

As pastors, part of our role is to help people have a godly vision their resources and see it put to kingdom use.

Here’s the reality: Summer is less than 2 months away.

The time to get prepared financially is now. Don’t wait until the Summer giving slump hits to think about stewardship.

Now is the time.

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