A Shocking Church Growth Statistic

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I shared a statistic with a group of leaders that floored them.

The worst part is, I told them there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

What is it?

It’s that 10%-15% of your church will leave due to attrition.

Think about that…

If you’re a church of 700 people, that means you’ll need to reach 70 new people every year just to stay the same.

10%-15% is the average. If you minister in a metropolitan community like I do, that number can be closer to 20%-25%.

Why is attrition as high as it is?

Because people get transferred, they move away, they die, they get mad at the pastor, and/or backslide.

That’s why we can never stop reaching out to our community.

The day we ease up on evangelism and outreach in our community is the day the church starts shrinking and our influence in our city begins to decline.

And here’s the truth, the only way your church can continue growing is for you as a leader to continue growing. 

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