A few Book Reviews

Bob FranquizBooks

Here’s a few book reviews of books I’ve read in the last week or two:

510zrkf0wxl_sl500_aa240_101 Survival Tips for Your Business – I loved this book. I love books that have short, to the point chapters and no fluff. This was one of them. This is a must read for church planters. This book is filled with practical wisdom and insight into surviving and thriving in ministry.

51q0w72wzgl_sl500_bo2204203200_aa21The Ultimate Marketing Plan – I sometimes get on a kick with authors and read everything they’ve written. I’ve done that recently with Dan Kennedy. While I don’t recommend everything he writes, he has some great stuff. This book was really helpful to me. It caused me to really think through what our plan was for getting the word out about our church and improving it. This guy is a marketing genius and while everything won’t apply to the local church, there’s plenty to make this a worthwhile read.

51vdcbdcjl_sl500_bo2204203200_aa219Coaching Questions – Because I do coaching, I picked this book on the recommendation of a friend and it was a good read. I was amazed at how much great content the author fit into a 100 page book. But I found it helpful in leading staff, meeting with people, and leading myself.