A Few Book Reviews

Bob FranquizBooks

Here’s a few books that I read recently that I’m not going to do a full book review for, but were helpful…

The Back of the Napkin – The 1st 70 pages of this book were great. The big idea of solving problems through pictures is worth picking up the book just for his explanation. I walked away with several ideas of how we help people take next steps and using pictures to help people in the process.

Stimulated – The chapter on changing your office environment to stimulate creativity was really good. I got a lot out of that chapter in particular and it caused me to make changes in my work spaces immediately.

The Laws of Lifetime Growth – My friend Nelson has a good review of the book here. This little book is worth your time. You should be able to put this book away in 90 minutes tops. It answers the questions, “How do you keep on growing?” Great wisdom!

The Breakthrough Company – Most of us love Good to Great. This book helps smaller organizations think through how to get better. If some of the concepts in Good to Great were too big, this book resizes them for us.