6-Year Anniversary Recap

Bob FranquizChurch

Sunday was a total whirlwind. I didn’t expect our morning service to be completely slammed since we were starting our Sunday night service, but it was packed. Then, since the morning service was full, we didn’t expect anyone to show up to our 1st evening service (which they did). Yes, my lack of faith even surprises me at times ­čÖé I don’t have the exact count yet as to how many people were there. I’ll get that Wednesday morning. But I do know it was our largest non-Easter attendance ever!

But what I found most interesting was the completely different groups that made up each service. The morning was mostly couples and families. The evening was predominantly singles. The vibe was completely different. The morning felt like family. It was our “normal” church crowd. But Sunday night was absolutely electric! The crowd was smaller than the morning (thankfully, because the room is 1/2 the size), but the band was amazing. I felt the message twice as good as the morning (I had it basically memorized by that point) and there being around 100 people allowed me to connect with more people than I would on a Sunday morning. It felt like we were starting a church all over again. I was nervous before the service started. We didn’t advertise the evening service much, so I was thrilled with how our experiment is turning out. Although it didn’t open up any seats in the morning, which is what we thought it would do. We’ll take a full house any day! We’ll see how this pans out in upcoming weeks as we really start promoting the 2nd service…

Anyway, it was a great day. The series we kicked off started with a bang and I’m totally excited about this weekend as we make this year the best in our history!