6 Free Church Flyers

Bob FranquizGeneral

I get a lot of questions about how to promote events, especially on social media.

And since I’m excited about the new year…

I want to share some free church flyers that you can use to reach your community:

FREE Church Flyers (Customizeable)2• Church Cookout Flyer: This is an event that you can do when it’s warm outside.  It doesn’t have to be a holiday to create a big day with good food!

Guest Speaker Flyer: It’s crazy but just announcing a guest speaker at your church can become an event that draws people.  Your congregation has an excuse to invite friends and family saying, “Yea we’ve got a marriage expert as a guest speaker today.  You should come.”

All Purpose Invite Flyer: This is one you can give to your congregation to post on social media to invite their friends at any time.

Prayer Night Flyer: This one really captures the essence of connecting to the power and beauty of God.  Get people excited about prayer all over again.

Worship Night Flyer: Here’s another potential event that your church can host at any time of the year that can draw people.  People love concerts.

Youth Night Flyer: This is a colorful design with the feel of the latest Hillsong “Young and Free” album cover.  Definitely a great tool for your youth to do some of their own outreach online. 


Get your free templates below and I’ll show you how:

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