5 Ways to Keep Growing AFTER Easter

Bob FranquizChurch

Many churches are going to experience an attendance bump on Easter. 

But what about the week after Easter or the week after that? 

Many churches will go back to being stuck. 

There’s several things that churches need to do to keep growing after Easter. 

Here’s 5 that you can start doing today… 

1. Keep growing yourself – growing churches are led by growing leaders. Period. 

2. Improve your systems – your current systems are giving you your current results. Improve your systems and you’ll improve your results. 

3. Develop new leaders – You can’t build a 20-story house on a 10-story foundation. In the same way, you can’t keep adding to your congregation without adding leaders. 

4. Do Strategic Outreach – Leverage your calendar and create “Mini-Easters” all throughout the year. 

5. Have Great Follow up – If you only improved your follow up, your church would grow. Too many churches let people slip out the back door because they have poor follow up. 

That’s why we’re focusing our April Outreach Ninja coaching session on follow up that grows your church 

You’re going to see a lot of first time decisions on Easter. 

Be prepared to help them take significant spiritual steps. 

Outreach Ninja Coaching is happening this Tuesday (April 3rd), so now’s the time to join Outreach Ninja! 

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