5 Ways to Double your Easter Impact

Bob FranquizChurch


Easter is 54 days away.

That means the time to get ready is now!

As I was doing some training with our staff recently, I spoke to them about 5 ways to make this Easter the biggest in our history.

I thought I would share the highlights with you…

#1. Mobilizing the congregation is the top priority this Easter

That means we need to arm them with invites and opportunities to serve the community if we want to reach more people than ever this Easter.

#2. Do Multiple Services

Easter is a family day, so we need to make sure we have multiple options for people to worship and then do the family activities they have planned.

#3. Start your Promotion Early

You need to start telling your church about Easter 4-5 weeks before Easter Sunday. (Remember, Easter changes every year, so most people don’t know when it’s happening. That’s why we need them to commit to attending a service before they commit to something else).

#4. Ticket the Event

We always ticket our Easter services. A ticket creates commitment once the person accepts it and it’s a much more powerful invite.

#5. Have a strategic plan for reaching those who don’t attend your church

Easter is the best Sunday of the year to reach people, so don’t miss this opportunity to reach people in your community who are unchurched.

Here’s the great thing – our Outreach Ninja coaching can equip you to do all 5 of these things and make it easier to reach more people this year.

In fact, we’re offering an Easter bundle that will fully customize for your church as a bonus when you test drive Outreach Ninja.

Plus, we’re going to give you the monthly coaching you need to make a huge impact on your city this Easter.

Here’s the best news: you can test drive Outreach Ninja for only $1 and you’ll receive the Easter Bundle as a bonus.

We are committed to helping churches like yours reach more people than ever this year.

If that’s your desire, then you’re a right person for Outreach Ninja coaching.

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Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship