4 Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive Book Review and a couple of Leadership Thoughts

Bob FranquizBooks

078795403901_bo2204203200_pisitbdp500arrFirst, let me say that I love Patrick Lencioni’s books and The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive didn’t disappoint! What an easy, fantastic read! I love Pat’s fable at the beginning and then how he drops the bomb at the end with some explanation and challenges for the reader.

Here’s the one idea that I what I walked away with (There were many, but here’s the big one for me): Be clear. Clear in the vision, clear in the communication of the vision, and clear in how others are communicating that vision in my absence and fulfilling the vision. You need more than just talented people in your church or organization. They need to “fit”. There are many godly people I know that just wouldn’t fit at our church and I’m OK with that. I also recognize that I wouldn’t fit in many environments as well.

This is true for many reasons, but it comes down to passion and vision. You can’t be passionate about a vision you don’t believe in. There are many good causes, but only a few I could be passionate about. I love the local church and want to see people experience God and walk with Him. That vision drives my existence. Because I personally want to experience God and know Him.

The leader is the poster child for the vision he shares. He is the embodiment of it. I think that’s why Hair Club for Men did so well in the 80’s with Sy Spirling as their leader. Why? Because he wasn’t just the Hair Club for Men President; he was also a client!

I’m a client of the local church. A product of the local church. Now I’m a leader in the local church and I want to model the kind of life of a person that has experienced God and knows Him.