4 Bibles

Bob FranquizTeaching

We continued our Spotlight series this morning and evening and I used 4 Bibles as a prop to talk about my own spiritual journey. I brought the 4 Bibles that I have used over the last 13 years.

The KJV Hebrew-Greek Study Bible – My brother gave me this right after I prayed to ask Jesus into my life. I hadn’t opened it in years but I found a flyer that had some course selections for the Bible College I ended up attending and later running.

NKJV personal Study Bible – The Bible I used all throughout Bible College. It had so many notes it was crazy. I learned so much with that Bible in my hand. The first time I ever spoke in front of people was with that Bible.

NKJV John McArthur Edition (The Calvinists cheer!) – I got this Bible as a gift when I graduated from Bible College and used it when I started teaching. I taught from that Bible from 1997 – 2003. So many notes, circled words, cross references, highlights, and underlines – totally insane.

My NKJV slim line – This one has no commentary, just some cross references. It’s smaller, so I don’t feel like I’m carrying around a dictionary. But I’ve been using this since 2004. I had a brief bout with an NLT, but it didn’t quite cut it.

Anyway, I could have spent the entire message chronicling my journey just from those Bibles. While they were marked up, I found that they had really marked me. This has been quite a ride. I can’t wait to tell Mia all about it someday…