4 Outreach Mistakes to Avoid This Easter

Bob FranquizGeneral

65 Days until Easter and as we gear up for the Superbowl of Church I’ve got 4 common mistakes for you to avoid here if you want to have a huge Easter.

  1. Trying to Talk to Everyone the Same Way.  When you’re doing direct mail, you choose your group and stick to it.  But with Facebook ad targeting you have no excuse.  You choose who sees your Easter Promotion.  So first identify which types of people are most likely to attend an stay at your church.  Then customize your promotion for their different interests.  Don’t talk to everyone the same way.
  2. Failure to Mobilize the Congregation.  You can’t do it alone as the pastor.  But you can do it as a congregation if you start mobilizing everyone early enough.  As we get closer to the big day, communicate the outreach importance of Easter.  Give them the tools they need to share and invite online and in person.  And don’t forget to share the stat that 82% of people invited to Easter say ‘yes.’
  3. Not Knowing What Promotional Outreach Can and Can’t Do.  A postcard or ad online is great for inviting people to an event.  It’s not an effective way to share the gospel.  So remove everything that isn’t about the event that you’re inviting people to.  Tell them what they’ll experience.  Tell them the benefits.  Tell them where to go and when.  Cut everything else out.
  4. Not Building Up To Easter.  Most pastors don’t realize that new believers are some of the best inviters.  The reason: they haven’t lost contact with their non-believing friends.  As time passes what naturally happens is that people tend to hang out with other Christians and then they get a Christian hairdresser and before you know it they’ve lost contact with a lot of unchurched friends.  This is why we do an evangelistic sermon series leading up to Easter.  When we first did it I thought we would spend all of our evangelistic credits before Easter.  But because new believers invited friends, we had the biggest Easter ever.

Avoid these outreach mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to having a bigger Easter.  If you’d like to hear 3 other mistakes you’ll want to avoid sign up for our free video series where I go through all 7 mistakes and give you an action checklist.

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