3 Words that can add 25% to your Easter Attendance

Bob FranquizChurch

There’s 3 words that can add 25% to your Easter attendance.

How do I know?

Because it’s happened at Calvary (the church I Pastor).

It’s also happened in countless churches that I’ve coached over the years.

What are the 3 words?


Doing an Easter Egg Hunt after each of your Easter services can drastically increase your Easter attendance and the number of unchurched families you reach.


Because people want to go to an Easter egg hunt on Easter.

Many (this includes unchurched families) want to attend church on Easter.

Having an Easter Egg Hunt after your services allows them to kill 2 bunnies with one egg.

If you do an Easter Egg Hunt on any other day, people will the Egg Hunt or church.

Don’t split your efforts.

Do it all on Easter Sunday!

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