3 Tips for Creating an Inviting Culture This Easter

Bob FranquizGeneral

Believe it or not, Easter is only 66 days away…

So now is a great time to focus on creating a culture of inviting at your church.  Because believe it or not, what you do now can make a difference in whether you have a huge Easter or just a normal one.

Today I’ve got 3 Tips for You To Create an Inviting Culture This Easter:

  1. Two invite cards per seat.  This is a simple but effective way to put inviting in the forefront of people’s minds.  We tell our congregation why the cards are there each service — for them to give them out and invite their friend, family member, waitress, co-worker, neighbor, or other random stranger they come across that week.
  2. Model it.  Invite the people you interact with on a regular basis: your waitress, the guy behind the cash register as the gas station, your checkout person at the grocery store (if you’re intentional you can end up going to the same cashier when you go to your favorite grocery store). Then share these stories with the congregation.  Not only that, share the stories of other people in your congregation.  The stories we tell communicate what we value.  Show your congregation you value personal invitation.
  3. Schedule Servant Evangelism.  Do a free car wash or hand out bottles of water at a local park with invites to the church.  The crazy thing about serving in this way is that it actually does more for the person serving than it does actual evangelism.  One spiritual conversation while serving in this way can ignite a passion for inviting friends and family.  That’s why scheduling servant evangelism actually accomplishes two things at once.  It invites people to church. And it inspires those who already attend.

If you like these 3 tips, I have 2 more in a free video series you can access below, called Maximize Easter.

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