3 Lessons from a Leadership Collapse

Bob FranquizLeadership


Dear Pastor,

I grew up in Boston, so to say that I’m a Red Sox fan is a severe understatement.

I love the Red Sox. I cried when they won the Word Series in 2004… and again in 2007.

So my friends called me in 2011 when the Red Sox collapsed in the last month of the season.

The Red Sox fell apart. Completely.

Let’s fast forward to today…

The Red Sox are in 1st place in their division.

So what happened that caused this drastic change?

There are 3 huge leadership lessons for us to learn as church leaders:

  1. The Red Sox didn’t think through the chemistry of the team when they brought in their high priced free agents. This year’s team has much more of the grit that brings teams together.
  2. The responsibility of the success of the team always falls on the senior leader. Period. That’s why the manager got fired. This is also why the Sox are doing well this year. They are a well led team.
  3. When their high priced players got hurt, the Sox found that their farm system was pretty thin. They broke the cardinal rule of having depth on their roster and in their organization.

In working with thousands of churches, I could list these same issues as the root problems they faced.

The bottom line is, you never grow past raising up leaders.

It’s a relentless art.

But it doesn’t have to be impossible.

In fact, in my new coaching network, Leadership Ninja, I’m going to teach our entire system for reproducing leaders at very level.

In 12 years, we raised up all of our leaders and staff from within.
Every. single. one.

I know this can be your story as well.

Because the most loyal, high performing leaders, are those whom you raise up.

In fact, you can test drive Leadership Ninja for 14 days for only $1.

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So time is of the essence.

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Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship

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