3 Easter Lessons from…Madonna

Bob FranquizChurch

I’m still in mourning over the Patriots loss in the Superbowl.

What can I say? I’m from Boston ­čÖé

However, I did learn something about outreach from Madonna of all people during the halftime show.

I believe this can help you as you prepare for your “Superbowl ” of Sundays, Easter!

1. Don’t miss the biggest opportunity of the year

Madonna was performing for one third of the population of America and she brought the best performance of her career.

Easter is the biggest Sunday of the year. make sure that it’s the best music, preaching and overall service you have this year.

2. Don’t miss the best promotion of the year

Madonna did the halftime show because it was a promotion for her new album.

Easter is the time when the most people in your community are open to the Gospel and attending church.

So use this promotional window to let people know about your church.

Once they attend, you’ll give them a clear Gospel presentation and they’ll respond by God’s grace.

3. Do everything with excellence

Say what you want about Madonna’s music, she did one of the best halftime shows since U2 in 2001.

So create great direct mail pieces.

Put together quality Facebook ads.

Pick the right key words on Google.

Mobilize your congregation.

The result will be the best Easter services and the most lives changes that we have ever seen.

That’s what Outreach Ninja is all about.

Helping you reach maximum people in your community so you can seize this important moment in your church’s history.

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