3 Dangerous Signs your Church May be Stuck

Bob FranquizChurch

I wish I could say that our growth as a church has always been “up and to the right”.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

We went nearly 2 years (2004-2005) where we were almost 100% flatlined.

We made serious changes in our church and over the next year we doubled our church.

One of the many things I learned was that there are signs that your church is stuck long before you realize it.

I don’t mean the obvious stuff like:
– Plateaued attendance
– Flatlined giving

If you dig below the surface, you’ll find 3 factors that go unnoticed but are telltale signs that a church is stuck or is about to get stuck:

1. Lack of First Time Guests – Churches only grow when first time guests show up. The less you have, the more likely you’re going to be stuck.

2. Self-Centered Prayer Requests – People’s prayer requests are no longer about lost people that need Jesus. The “Pray for my ingrown toe nail” requests begin to take over.

3. No Plan for Personal Development – If you aren’t growing, your church won’t grow. Plain and simple.

I’ve coached hundreds of churches and seen them implement these same strategies with fantastic results.

So I recorded all of these learnings into a brand new resource called, “Getting Unstuck: Secrets to Avoiding Growth Barriers and Becoming an Unstoppable Church”.

It’s a 5-CD (or downloadable) resource that contains over 3 and a 1/2 hours of practical, nuts and bolts teaching on the skills and strategies it takes to get unstuck and start growing again.

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Getting stuck is part of every church’s story… don’t let it become the overarching story of your church.

If you’re interested, put your pedal to the metal and drive over to http://unstuck.ninjaresources.com

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