20 Random Thoughts Friday…

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Many thoughts swimming in my head today. Here they are:

#1 – “The anger sharks are swimming in my head!” My first line reminded me of this movie quote. Anyone remember what it’s from?

#2 – I’ve been listening to DOA by the Foo Fighters today. Great Song!

#3 – I’m more than 50% done with my Easter message! – This is a first for me. I’m usually agonizing over it the week of. This year, I’m so excited about it I’m ready to explode! New series. New…Can’t say anymore! Must stop typinggggg!

#4 – Speaking of Easter – This is by far going to be our best Easter services EVER! I can’t disclose any details yet. I’d like to tell our church before we disclose to anyone else.

#5 – I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to read “The Secret Message of Jesus” by Brian McLaren! I’m underlining so much, you’d like he whole book came with blue ink under each sentence!

#6 – Frequently Avoided Questions by Chuck Smith Jr. is an absolute must read! We’re reading it as a staff. In a word: WOW!

#7 – This series we’re in now called, “Monsters” is one my favorites. I feel like I’m in a groove right now. I feel more comfortable with my teaching than I ever have. The fist couple of years you’re heavily influenced by the guys you love listening to and when I started teaching I was totally wearing Saul’s armor. Today, I feel like I’m just got a sling and it feels like me.

#8 – Yesterday was “One of those days” in ministry. One of the days you go to the office and wish you were wearing a cup because you’ve been getting kicked in a tender spot all day!

#9 – I’ve been studying a little differently lately – I’ve started by reading the text a couple of times and just writing down questions. I’ve always approached the text I’m teaching from the perspective of answers. This way has been so much richer for me.

#10 – I’ve been listening to the Acts 29 Bootcamp while I walk a couple of miles in the morning – I probably sound insane to my neighbors because I’m laughing out loud at some of Driscoll’s comments. The guy is hilarious!

#11 – I’ve talked to about 10 people who have told me they are going to review my book on amazon.com but don’t want to be the first one. What’s up with that? Just do it and blaze the trail! Have I ever reviewed anything on amazon.com? No, but that’s not the point! Go for it (But only if you loved it).

#12 – The US knocked out of the WBC – I wish I could say I was sad. I’ve been saying for months that the Dominican is going to take it all. They got put in the weakest pool of teams and still couldn’t do it.

#13 – My prediction for the finals of the WBC – The DR and Korea. Winner: DR. Score: 8-5 and David Ortiz hits one out!

#14 – Carey and I watched a couple of minutes of March Madness last night – It was great and I’m not a College basketball fan (I do love BC though – I grew up in the Doug Flutie era of college football and “The Pass” is one of the greatest moments in college football). But Carey says, “Why can’t you like this? This looks exciting…(slight pause for dramatic affect) UNLIKE Baseball!”

#15 – Speaking of my wife – she had lasik done on Monday and she can see! It takes about 2-3 weeks for the full effect, but she’s seeing better everyday!

#16 – Melissa Mcghee left us on American Idol – I figured she’d go sooner or later, but how is Kevin Covais still on this show? Explaining this is like how I trying to explain to my 6 year old niece how the water at Niagara falls doesn’t run out…I don’t know it just doesn’t! Kevin is here, like a bad penny you can’t get rid of!

#17 – At the office yesterday, the debate was, “Does Kevin really think he’s a sex symbol?” – I say he’s is under “Strong delusion” (To use a Biblical phrase) and does believe that he’s the new Brad Pitt.

#18 – Just because I don’t want to leave this on a Kevin Covais note, 24 is out of control this season! – I really felt bad for that security guard that died because Lynn McGill is an idiot! It did remind me of the guys in the red shirts in Star Trek who went down to the planet with Captain Kirk. From the get-go, you knew they were done!

#19 – Caught a couple of minutes of American Inventor last night – It was good. Pretty funny. I felt bad for that kid with the dog air conditioner. I thought they were going to go for it. It was good enough to earn a season Pass on the TiVo.

#20 – Just to make it an even 20 – I just finished writing an Easter article for our local paper. I feel pretty good about it. Soon it will lining bird cages all over the city!