10 Days Later…My iPad Review

Bob FranquizUncategorized

219533-apple-ipad  In short… I love it! 

Instead of writing some long review, I thought I'd post reasons I love the iPad: 

1. Pages – It mirrors Pages on the Mac very well. Plus, it opens Words files as well.  

2. iPhoto – This is a really nice. The pictures look great. plus, you can set the iPad to roll pictures and have it serve as a digital frame when you're not using it. 

3. Typing – I haven't purchased the keyboard, so I've been typing on the screen keyboard and I think it's great. plus, it auto corrects (which most of the time is a good thing)

4. Kindle – The Kindle app on the iPad is better than the Kindle itself. I love this! 

5. Tweetdeck – Amazing Twitter app. Really nice to use. 

6. Uses – There are so many uses for this device. I preached with it on Sunday and it was great! 

7. Video – I've watched a few episodes of The West Wing on it and it's a great device to watch TV on. 

8. Email – Email on the iPad makes you want to do more email. They did a great job designing it. 

9. Calendar – The calendar syncs with all my other Mac calendars. I would have been mad if I had to update it manually. 

10. Safari – I'm a Safari user anyway, but Safari on the iPad is so slick. The speed is great and the readability is excellent. 

In short, it's a "A" for me. 

I can't tell you anything about the game because I don't do games. I will refrain from giving a lecture about wasting time 🙂

Things I'd like to see: 

1. More apps – i.e. Omnifocus and Facebook (Which I hear is in the works).

2. I'd love a Quickbooks app and an Accordance app. 

3. For the ibookstore to add more books. The selection is very limited. 

4. I know this is lame, but I'd like how much the iPad costs, could apple put out a calculator app? 🙂