1 Surefire Way to Sink Your Christmas Outreach

Bob FranquizGeneral

I love reaching people at Christmas-time.

It’s the only time of year that people are singing songs about Jesus in the mall.  The truth is that Christmas is one of the easiest times to reach people with the Gospel in our culture.

This year we’re doing Christmas services AND we’re doing a separate Christmas Concert.

Our social media and direct mail efforts are in full effect and this is where I see so many churches go wrong.

I see their ads to reach people and the biggest problem is this:


Unclear ads and mailers are dead on arrival.

Talk about wasting money.

If you’re going to buy ads on facebook or send out a mailer you need clarity in 3 areas:

  1. Who you’re trying to reach. (example: Why am I seeing your message if your church is on the other side of the state?)
  2. What you’re asking them to do.  (example: I saw a flyer with a billion different options, christmas services, normal services, etc.  The more you try to say the less attention each bit of information gets.  Focus on one message for your ads or mailers)
  3. Why it’s in their interest to do it.  (example: just telling me your church name and times doesn’t tell me what I will experience if I came to your service.  Tell me what I will get out of coming.)

At a minimum you need to be clear in those 3 areas.

You can check out more do’s and don’ts for Christmas outreach in this short FREE ebook: