#1 Graduate Level Outreach & Discipleship Strategy

Bob FranquizGeneral

61 Days Until Easter…

As we are gearing up for our annual Double On Easter Coaching (available now until Wednesday, January 27th), we are really focused on what we call graduate level outreach strategies.

In my last post I mentioned that it was a mistake not to engage new believers leading up to Easter with outreach.


Because studies have shown that within 2 years Christians tend to lose a lot of their non-Christian contacts.

But there is a specific approach that will not only help disciple these new believers but ensure you reach more people with your outreach on social media and elsewhere.  And it is this:

Give directions to take simple outreach steps. 

For example, we leverage the trust and relationships people have on social media to reach their friends and families.  But we make it simple.


One way is that we create a simple sharing page with sample posts and tweets, images for instagram.  Things that are easily shareable.  We do all the work minus the actual posting for them.

Then as we get closer to Easter we direct everyone to share specific things on each particular day.

People are good at following directions as long as we’re clear and we put for the effort to make it simple for them.

Even before a person can sit down and have a deep theological conversation with their friends and family they can take these simple steps.

And it’s through obedience in these little things and seeing the fruit that they can take bigger steps in their faith.

So to implement this strategy, think about how you can make the first outreach steps simple for new believers and the rest of your congregation.

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