#1 Absolute of Christmas Follow Up

Bob FranquizGeneral

Christmas Eve is this Thursday and lots of first time guests will be at your church.

Also, many will make decisions to follow Jesus in your services.

Here’s my question: how will you help them come back next week?

Rule #1 for effective follow up : Get contact information so you can follow up with them and help them take their first few spiritual steps.

I’m always surprised to see churches fail in this simplest of keys to follow up.

I mean: how are you going to contact them if you have no contact information?

Our church has at least 5 potential areas to obtain a guest’s information so that we can among other things:

  1. Thank them for attending.
  2. Invite them back.
  3. Tell them about other special events we’re doing in the future.

Then next question becomes: how can you ask for that information in a way that makes it reasonable for them to give it?

There are lots of ways to do this but it doesn’t happen unless you’re intentional about guiding people to come back to your church.

To help you do this I’m giving away a free guest follow up strategy.

It’s 6 simple steps to help people come back.  Are you doing all six?

Get the free download and find out: