Wednesday Stuff

Bob FranquizChurch

– This is the promo for the new series we're starting on Sunday at Calvary! I can't wait!

– I'm leading a FREE tele-seminar today on the subject of outreach and marketing. We're almost out of phone lines. If this keeps up, I'm going to need to find another service for these calls 🙂

– BTW – You can register for the seminar here if you're interested. It's today (February 9th @ 2PM EST). 

– I really enjoyed this book. You should pick it up!

– My new Explosive Outreach Tele-Coaching Network starts in less than a month! Amazing group of Pastors that are forming this group. I can't wait to see what happens in these communities by the time we're done. 

– You can pick up an application here if you're interested in the network. 

This resource that we just released is the most important thing we've ever done. I'm thrilled to hear about all the churches that are implementing this and raising up leaders from within! 

– I'm looking forward to Catalyst One Day in Orlando next week. If you're going to be up there, let me know. I'd love to connect!

– Based on my schedule, the only time I can go to the gym is at 5AM. I'm doing it 6 times a week. There ought to be a law against such madness 🙂

– I'm finishing reading the New Testament in 28 days. Its no joke! Anywhere from 12-20 chapters a day. I've thoroughly enjoyed it! Might start again next week. 

– It has made me hunger for God's Word like I did when I was a new believer. 

– If you've never watched Sportsnight, you should. It's the show Aaron Sorkin did before The West Wing. Sportsnight is witty, funny, smart. Basically, it's everything TV isn't now. 

– I did 2 things this week that I've never done before: I tried Diet Sunkist and Coke Zero. 

– Diet Sunkist was pretty good. It's about 65% as good as Sunkist. There's a slight aftertaste that's kind of nasty, but if you can get past that, you're OK. 

– Coke Zero was…OK. It's better if it's ice cold and you're drinking it with dinner. To those who say it tastes "Exactly" like Coke… your tastebuds don't work very well. 

– When all you've had is water for the past 3 months, you're willing to be a bit forgiving, but let's not say it's just like Coke. 

– Here's my recommendation to soda makers: create a diet soda that isn't an imitation. Just create something new. Then people like me won't compare it to the real thing (pun intended) all the time. 

– Carey & I celebrated 14 years of marriage on Tuesday! I'm blessed.