Giving Kids the Tools to Invite Friends

Bob FranquizChurch

One of the core values of our Evangelism Ninja coaching program is to mobilize your congregation.

This means giving everyone in your church the tools needed to invite friends and family to church.

With Easter approaching, I thought I’d share one of the tools we created for the kids in our Children’s Ministry to invite their friends and classmates to our Easter Services.

Kids Easter Invite


This looks just like the birthday cards that kids give to each other throughout the year. The inside of this card has all of the information for our Easter services.

It talks about what parents and kids can expect should they attend.

Here’s the point: If you make it easy for people to invite their friends, they will.

Also, don’t delay in getting this into people’s hands.

We start our Easter promotion a month before Easter.

We start talking about Easter and putting it on people’s radars at least 6 weeks before Easter.

Start your promotion early, keep reminding people, and give them the tools to invite.

That’s a big part of the recipe for an explosive Easter.