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So Now That You've Reached Some People, The Question Is...
How Do You Make Them Stick?

It's no good getting hundreds of First Time Guests if you're losing Newcomers by the bucketful...

At Last! The resource that will give me the tools to close the back door to my church! 

You know the story. 

New people walk in through the front door of you church every Sunday and then walk out the back door just as quickly. 

It’s one of the most discouraging experiences of a Pastor. 

You invest so much effort, money and time reaching people in your community...

Only to see those efforts wasted when people don’t stick. 

The most frustrating part is we know these people aren’t going to grow without being connected to a local church. 

When I planted Calvary Fellowship in September of 2000, we hit an invisible wall 3 years into our church. 

I soon learned that we didn’t have an evangelism problem, we had an assimilation problem. 

We went to work on this issue to improve our retention rate of newcomers. 

Fast forward 9 years and we are keeping 40% of our first time guests. 

That means close to 1/2 of our first time guests stick at Calvary. 

We took all of these learnings and turned them into a resource that you can take and implement into your church.

How to Keep Those you Reach is a 5-CD resource that contains over 2 1/2 hours of teaching where I give you the tools you need to close the back door of your church. 

This resource focuses on 16 secrets we have learned that make newcomers stick in your church. 

Imagine implementing the following skills in your church: 

  • How to help people gladly you give you contact information so you can follow up
  • Learn what kind of next steps get ignored and which are taken
  • Discover the 1 things churches do that actually repels newcomers
  • The 3 most vital connection points for newcomers in your church
  • Discover how to create “raving fans” from a newcomers first visit
  • Understand the kind of environment that newcomers best respond to
  • The kind of follow up that causes people to act
  • The “Secret Weapon” that closes the back door. Every church has it, but few use it

How to Keep Those you Reach: 16 Secrets for Closing the Back Door of Your Church will give you the tools you need to make newcomers stick and double your church’s impact in your community

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