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Finally! The Tools to Reach the 21st Century with the Power of a 1st Century Message!


Don't believe it can happen? Take a second and read this!

Let's be honest - things have changed... drastically changed, since we got into ministry. When I got in to ministry, there were no cell phones, social media was yet to be invested, and I was the coolest pastor because I got issued a beeper from my senior pastor.

​Honestly, it was easier back then. We were competing with less and there were fewer options. ​

More than 20 years later, thing are so different. People are checking out your church online and deciding whether to attend or not. Newcomers are "reviewing" their experience online before the service has ever dismissed.

It's enough to frustrate even the most sanctified of pastors.

So what's the solution? Do we give up and give minister to those who are faithfully attending?

I'll be honest; I've been tempted to do that.

The problem is, I know I'd be sinning if I did that because the Great Commission isn't for some of us. It's for all of us.

​That means, we have to use all of the tools at our disposal to reach our communities with the Gospel.

Because honestly, isn't that why we got into ministry in the first place? ​

We wanted to reach the world. We wanted to start a revolutionary movement. But somehow we became "religious professionals".

I could allow myself to get there. So I sought out to understand this new generation and this culture of technology that has influenced all of us. What I found was amazing!

I found that people are spiritual hungry, but they don't want to be bored.

I found that people are "checking out" your church via your online presence long before they attend.

I found that new attenders are far more ready to plug into your church.

In short, I found that there are new rules to church growth and if we leverage them, we can reach more people than we thought possible.

Introducing... The New Rules of Church Growth!

In a world that's ever changing, learn how to communicate the unchanging truths of the Gospel. It's time to stop the flood of people exiting the church and discover the simple tools to keep those you've reached and deploy them for effective ministry.

​Your church is doing so much good ministry. The problem is, it is being ignored by much of your community. Too many pastors think this means people aren't open to the Gospel.​ I disagree.

We don't need to change our message. We simply need to understand where people are and help them in their spiritual journey. People need the Gospel more than ever. However, there is so much spiritual confusion out there to wade through.

​This can be your church's moment to shine and reach your community like never before. ​

What will you learn in this 3-session downloadable resource? You will discover...

  • How the 7 minute rule of assimilation has completely changed. (if you're waiting until newcomers are on your property to Wow them, you're already too late)
  • How your services can become a super-magnet for getting people in your church to stick. (We reorganized 1 part of our services and it was like crazy glue for newcomers)
  • The #1 activity that you don’t realize you’re already doing that will transform how you reach people (once you put it to use)
  • 3 simple activities that once used will increase your assimilation rate by three to five times almost immediately. Just use these and calculate how many more families you’ll be reaching.
  • The top secret to that you've NEVER heard about why people leave but will never tell you. Address this head on and watch your auditorium fill up.
  • ​How fluffy "talks" are going away in favor of theologically dense, apologetically driven sermons . I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Unchurched people want Biblical depth when they come to church...but you must do this 1 thing.
  • The single biggest mistake that exist in nearly all churches and how to instantly remove them. This mistake is "hidden in plain sight" and so obvious you'll slap your forehead when you see it.

That's just a small sample of what you'll discover when you get "The New Rules of Church Growth".

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