I Can’t Take it Anymore

Bob FranquizGeneral


Dear Pastor,

I can’t take it anymore!

What’s got me over the edge?

I had a conversation with a Pastor recently who has given up.

He’s not going to jump off a bridge.

He has just given up hope that His church is going to reach more people.

This is what changed my whole book launch strategy.

See, I have a new book coming out with Baker Books on September 15th called Pull: Making your Church Magnetic.

When we were strategizing the book’s launch and the marketing surrounding it, we had the usual online and offline advertising budgeted.

Then I had this conversation with a local pastor and I decided I wasn’t going to let a another pastor with a lack of training give up.

That’s when I asked Baker Books to take a step of faith with me.

We decided to scrap the advertising and instead invest those dollars in training Pastors for free.

That what brought about The Pull Conference.

It’s where we’ve brought in 8 speakers who are going to train us on the 5 things I told my pastor friend to do:

#1 – Mobilize your Congregation

#2 – Preach with the Unchurched in Mind

#3 – Create an Evangelistic Culture in your Church

#4 – Launch your Fall series like you’re Re-launching your church

#5 – Use Strategic Outreach to Reach Unchurched People

We are going to drill down on these topics.

Plus, I’m leading a Live pre-conference call where I’m going to be sharing our Fall launch strategy step-by-step.

The Pull Conference is happening on Wednesday, September 18th at 1PM EST.

The pre-conference event is happening on September 12th at 3PM EST.

You can sign up for both here.



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship

P.S. Can I ask a favor? Can you help me get the word out about the Pull Conference? Blog it. Tweet it. Post it on Facebook. Anything you can do would help. We want to help train as many pastors as possible. (Plus, I’d love for publishers to see how this is a great way to invest in pastors).