Book Review: Go Big

Bob FranquizBooks

068733442x01_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_v59979625_I read Go Big: Lead Your Church to Explosive Growth by Bill Easum and Bil Cornelius in one sitting. It’s not a long book, but I found many of the insights practical and helpful. There was a lot that’s rehashed from Ed Young and others, but there was enough practical nuggets to pick up the book and give it a read. The section on raising money was good and especially helpful for guys looking to plant churches.

The book deals with everything from church structure, breaking growth barriers, training leaders, hiring staff, and dealing with problematic people. This is a good book for Lead/ Senior Pastors. The book is directed toward those in that role, which is a bit rare and refreshing. The only weird part of the book is that it says in big letters that Ed Young wrote the foreword, except there was no foreword in my copy. It went straight to the introduction. Odd. Regardless, I recommend it.