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I once attended a one day seminar that cost $800 to attend. But I tell people that it was free. Why? Because the seminar taught me to save thousands in direct mail and be more effective. My philosophy was, if I paid $800 but saved $10,000, then the seminar didn't actually cost me a dime.
I want to do the same thing for you. Why? Because I firmly believe that now is the best time to reach people. Not only because of the state of our world, but this time of year is historically when people are most open to the Gospel.
That's why I decided to do another round of Explosive Outreach Coaching. I believe with the right tools and training, this year can be the most explosive for your church.
I believe that the amount you'll save and the effectiveness you'll gain as a result of this network will be so valuable that in the end, this network won't cost you a dime either!
Think about it: Most churches spend way too much on outreach and marketing and get far too little by way of results.
– What if it cost you 50% of what you're spending to do direct mail and you 300%-400% of the return you normally get?
– What if those who attend for the first time through the outreach strategies I am going to teach you give more than you invested to reach them?
– What if you stopped investing in types of outreach and marketing that don't work and invested in those that get killer results?
– What if all the money spent on Facebook ads resulted in people attending church instead of clicks that lead nowhere?
All of these things are happening in the churches of those that I'm coaching in my Explosive Outreach Coaching Network!
Here's 2 stories I heard recently from coaching alumni:
– One church in Florida grew from 80 to 346 in ONE SUNDAY the first time they used our direct mail strategy.
– Another church in Connecticut spent $12,000 on direct mail, but saw their giving increase by $75,000 with those they reached… the same year!
Here's my point: the amount you'll save as a result of the content of this coaching network will more than pay for the investment in the network.
Just to make this totally risk free for you, here's what I'm going to do: apply for the Explosive Outreach Coaching Network and if you're accepted, attend the first tele-coaching session. If you don't feel you've received enough helpful content to justify your investment, we'll refund you 100% of your investment. 
There's nothing to lose on your part and all of the pressure is on me (as it should be)!
What do you receive by joining this network?
– A monthly 2 hour tele-coaching experience (plus a recording of each session)
– Over $400 in resources
– A helpful review of one of your church's outreach pieces to maximize effectiveness
– Insights from 12 other leaders who in this network with you 
– FREE outreach pieces we've used at Calvary that have worked in big ways!
– Plus, you can have the staff member who oversees your outreach listen in and participate in the network at no charge!
– Plus much more!
One final thing: This network is not for everyone. It's for those who are serious about reaching their communities. That's why I only accept 12 Pastors for this network. I am deeply committed to eliminating the "Bozo factor" in any network I lead. This way we can accomplish more and cover more material. 
If you feel like you fit the criteria, then I invite you to apply here (scroll to the bottom of the page for the Explosive Outreach Coaching application). 
Remember, I only accept 12 Pastors and once the spots are gone, you'll have to wait until next year. So take 5 minutes and apply today! 
I look forward to working with you to reach your community!
P.S. My last Explosive Outreach network filled up weeks before it started. So don't delay in applying. Here's the link.