[New Video] Preaching for Evangelism and Discipleship

Bob FranquizGeneral, Teaching

index Dear Pastor, It’s August... well, it’s almost August. If you’ve been part of the Church Ninja for any length of time, you know August is National Expositional month. (Yes we made up this holiday a few years ago, but we felt there needed to be a month that celebrated all things related to expository preaching. So that means 2 things: #1 - We are offering all of our sermon series at 50% off. We recently added some great new studies that we just completed at Calvary.     Becoming (A Study in 1 Peter)           ... Read More

Fwd: [New resource] Church Staffing Survival Guide

Bob FranquizGeneral, Leadership

index Hi Pastor, It’s Mark.... I just wanted to forward this email to you because it know it will bless you and your Church GREATLY! As the Executive Pastor at Calvary it is my honor to lead one of the healthiest staff environments I’ve ever been a part of.     In Bob’s latest E-Book "The Church Staffing Survival Guide" he shares the secrets to building a great team.       This E-Book is yours as a FREE BONUS when you test drive Leadership Ninja for just $1. (Get it here) You'll have the Church Staffing Survival Guide in ... Read More

[New resource] Church Staffing Survival Guide

Bob FranquizGeneral

index Dear Pastor, In the last 13 years of church planting and leadership, I've only had to fire 2 people.  It is a painful experience I don't wish on anyone. Yet we've hired dozens of staff members over the years who have served well on our staff. People want to know the secret sauce to effective staffing. There are definitely keys to effective staffing in my experience... Number 1 is hiring from within. Talking to most pastors with staffing problems and the tale usually begins with, "Well, we hired this guy from this other church and..."     The other ... Read More

[Time Sensitive] Avoid the Summer Financial Meltdown

Bob FranquizGeneral

index Dear Pastor, I want to share a principle that will help your church financially this Summer. Where did I learn it? Actually, I discovered it going Trick or Treating as a kid. Here’s how it goes... When I was a kid and would go “trick or treating”, I had this strategy for getting more candy than any of my friends. It’s the same strategy we’ve used at Calvary (the church I Pastor) to increase our budget every year and disciple believers at the same time. So what was it? On Halloween, I went out earlier than all my friends. ... Read More

Fwd: Every Pastor’s Secret Fear [Free Resource]

Bob FranquizGeneral

index Dear Pastor, Summer is HERE! There are 2 things that use to remind me of this: My kids were out of school and Church was half empty on Sunday. I'm happy to say that for the past couple of Summers we are seeing more people at Calvary than ever. Bob tells you all about it in his latest FREE eBook! "7 Secrets to Growing Your Church this Summer" Download it now! You've got nothing to lose! God bless! -mark Mark Rodriguez Executive Pastor - Calvary Fellowship Director of Training - Church Ninja P.S. Check out Bob's last email where ... Read More

[Brand New Resource] Becoming: A study in 1 Peter!

Bob FranquizGeneral

index Dear Pastor, Today we’re releasing a brand new sermon resource called, “Becoming: The Road from Here to There”. It’s a study through 1 Peter. We kicked this series off on Easter and it ran for 13 weeks. It is one of the most evangelistically potent series we’ve ever done. Here’s a few things that happened at Calvary during this series: We saw over 200 people make first time decisions We had 391 first time guests We baptized 74 people Plus countless people taking significant spiritual steps This series was a game changer for our church. So we’ve packed this ... Read More

Every Pastor’s Secret Fear [Free Resource]

Bob FranquizGeneral

Dear Pastor, I know what Pastors are afraid of. It’s not his congregation. It’s not his deacons. It’s not even his wife (well, maybe some guys are afraid of their wives). But most Pastors are afraid of the summer. Yes, the Summer. This is the time when pastors think the offerings are going to tank and the congregation will disappear into thin air. I used to be afraid of the summer. In fact, I even learned the pastor lingo we use to talk about the summer: “The Summer Slump” But here’s what happened to me - we learned to turn ... Read More