A Few Thoughts on Writing

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I am knee deep finishing my second book that will be released by Baker Books in September 2013. As I’ve been writing for the last few months, I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve learned in the writing process. 1. Writing is harder than speaking. I know this is relative, but as a pastor my preferred communication style is the spoken word rather than the written word. In speaking, repetition is you friend. In writing, repetition comes off as boring and uninspired. 2. Make sure you have enough content to write. Brian Tracy says it takes 1,500 pieces … Read More

FREE Stuff available right now

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Quick post today to let you know about some freebies that we’re giving away here at Outreach Ninja.  1. Preaching Video series (Totally free videos that will help you disciple your folks and reach the unchurched) 2. Top 5 Leadership Mistakes Senior Pastors Make Ebook – This 35 page ebook outlines the mistakes you could be making that are hindering your church. FYI – there’s a couple of freebies inside the ebook that you won’t want to miss.  3. 3 Keys to an Explosive Fall – Fall is here. Learn how to maximize it. 4. Tithe Challenge FREE Report – Learn how … Read More

New Video! Preaching that Reaches the Unchurched

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One of the questions I regularly get is, “How do you reach so many unchurched people AND preach expositionally?” That’s the subject of this FREE video I recorded. It’s well worth 5 minutes of your time. Here’s the link to watch the video (we’re even included last week’s video on the same page).  By the way, our National Expositional Preaching sale is ending in one week! So click here and take advantage of our 50% off sale.  Simply use the code preaching12 at checkout and all of our sermon series are half off! Enjoy!

New Video: Preaching Myths that Pastors Believe

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I recently recorded a video addressing the 5 most common myths that pastors believe about expositional preaching. It’s about 5 minutes long. Click Here to Watch! I pray it’s a blessing to you! P.S. If you haven’t taken advantage of our preaching sale, click here and use the coupon code preaching12 at checkout.   

Preachers, Keep on Preaching!

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We started National Expositional Preaching month 2 weeks ago and the response has been amazing! I’m thrilled to see so many Pastors gearing up to teach through books of the Bible. Tomorrow I’m going to be sending a video busting many of the myths pastors believe about expositional teaching. But today I wanted to let you know that we’re added some new sermon series resources to the Ninja Resources store. Here’s a sample of the resources that are 50% Off: The Contrarian’s Guide to Happiness (The Beatitudes) (New!) Prodigal (Luke 15)  (New!)  Blueprint (Nehemiah) (New!) Postcards (New!)       … Read More

Avoid the Leadership Mistakes Senior Pastors Make

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Yesterday we released a FREE ebook called, “The Top 5 Leadership Mistakes Senior Pastors Make”. The response has been amazing! I am totally excited about this ebook because it’s 35 pages of leadership and outreach content that’s going to help you and your church. This is the ebook I wish someone would have handed me when planted Calvary. Click here to download the ebook. Here is what I cover in this ebook: – The 1 absolute MUST of casting vision – The toughest person to lead in your church (it’s not who you think) – The 3 reasons people don’t … Read More

Free Resource! Top 5 Mistakes Senior Pastors Make!

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Today we’re releasing an ebook called, “The Top 5 Mistakes Senior Pastors Make”. I am totally excited about this ebook because it’s 35 pages of leadership and outreach content that’s going to help you and your church. I worked on this for some time compiling this content and I’m pleased with how it turned out. My goal is to get this into the hands of every Senior Pastor and help them avoid some of the mistakes I made while planting Calvary. Click here to download the ebook. Here is what I cover in this ebook: – The 1 absolute MUST … Read More

It’s Back! National Expositional Preaching Month!

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2 years ago I created a holiday… It’s called National Expositional Preaching month. It’s a month where we celebrate all things related to preaching verse by verse through books of the Bible. I cut my teeth on expositional teaching and it’s how I grew up in the faith. So when I started Calvary in the year 2000, I decided that I was going to be a through-the-Bible guy. I’ve found that verse by verse teaching is the best way to disciple people from the pulpit and pique the interest of the unchurched. We reach thousands of unchurched people every year and we do it teaching through … Read More