Last Call for “Sermon-A-Palooza”

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Just a quick note to remind you that 50% off “National Expositional Preaching Month” sale ends today! So if you want to save 50% on sermon series like: Colossians, Esther, Song of Solomon, Proverbs, Judges, 2 Timothy, Revelation, Ephesians, or the 10 Commandments. All of our downloadable sermon series are 50% off by using the coupon code preaching50. So mosey on over to and you’ll be able to celebrate National Expositional Preaching Month with us! P.S. Lots of people have registered for our FREE “Creating a Leadership Pipeline” webinar. If you haven’t, click here to be part of it. 

What Diets and Leadership Development has in Common…

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As a guy who has lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed something about myself (and most people) when I’m on an eating plan: I am very intentional about what I eat. I’m careful to know the ingredients, calories, carbs and just about every other fact about each food. I’ve learned that leadership development happens only when I am the same way – intentional about the process for developing leaders. So here’s what happened: I recently did a survey for my newsletter subscribers and I asked, “What area of ministry do you need help … Read More

My Relationship with My Sermons

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Here is my relationship with every message I teach: Wednesday: I love it, I can’t wait to teach it Thursday: Anticipation building. This is going to be awesome! Friday: I can’t look at it anymore! I hate it. I wouldn’t teach this message at gunpoint! Saturday: It might not be as bad as I originally thought. This might actually be preach-able. (By Saturday night, I can’t wait to preach it!) Sunday: I think it went pretty well. I don’t know how, but God used it. I wish I would just say what I wrote 🙂 Monday: I’m never preaching again! (I’m staring at a blank page … Read More

Sunday Stuff…

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– Awesome day at Calvary! – I taught Romans 14:1-15:7 – Talked about reducing conflict. Got lots of feedback about the message. – The band sounded great. I’m amazed at how they keep taking it to new levels every week. – Our 11 year anniversary is in 3 weeks! – Rolling our some big plans on September 18th. Can’t wait to see what God does! – Been meeting with a lot of Pastors over the last month. I’m continually reminded and encouraged that God is working in all denominations and movements. – I did a survey asking our newsletter subscribers … Read More

Dispelling the Expositional Teaching Myths

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I thought today I’d answer some of the most common myths associated with Expositional Preaching and Teaching: Myth #1 – “Teaching expositionally is boring.” – No. Boring is boring. In fact, I find expositional teaching to be the most exciting style of teaching there is. I love hearing a great Bible teacher build his case by working through a section of Scripture. Myth #2 – “Expositional teaching is too deep for unchurched people.” – We need to stop thinking that unchurched people aren’t smart or can’t handle anything other than basic truths. Unchurched people can handle any truth from the … Read More

What Book of the Bible Do I Teach First?

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This is a great question! While I believe you should teach whatever the Lord leads you to teach, if you’re looking for suggestions on what books of the Bible to preach first as you begin teaching expositionally, here’s a few: 1. Colossians – 4 chapters. Tons of application. Great theology to stretch your hearers. 2. James – Off the charts practical. Great topics to cover that the church always needs to hear. 3. Habakkuk – Short book. Not overwhelming. Great Application 4. Ruth – Beautiful story. Great opportunity to stretch your hearers with some Old Testament history and great application … Read More

Can you Disciple and Evangelize in Preaching?

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“Bob, can you talk about how you teach expositionally and still reach unchurched people?” I get this question pretty regularly. The reason is, many guys who teach the Bible verse by verse don’t seem to reach people far from God with this style of teaching. On the other hand, a majority of the Pastors who take evangelism seriously primarily teach topically and believe this is the best way to reach unchurched people. This question hits on 2 things that are very important to me: 1. Preaching verse by verse through the Bible 2. Reaching people far from God By answering … Read More

What Type of Teaching Disciples People?

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One of the things we’ve built our church on is the systematic teaching of the Bible. We’re a verse by verse Bible teaching church for the most part. We do topical stuff as well (some topics are best covered in a topical manner), but the majority of Sundays, we’re working our way through a book of the Bible. We’ve taught through 30 books of the Bible in nearly 11 years and I believe our church is healthier because of it.  We’re getting ready to finish Romans in about a month and we’ll start the book of Nehemiah the following Sunday. I know … Read More

A Weekly Promise to Keep

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As a Pastor, the most important thing you do is teach the Word of God to your congregation. Yet our study time doesn’t scream for attention. Everyone else is. Staff want to meet with us. People in the church want to talk to us. Other organizations want a few minutes of our time. But Sunday is coming (with amazing regularity). So I encourage you to schedule your study time first and don’t break that appointment for anything or anyone. Emergencies come up, but if it’s happening every week it has ceased to be an emergency and now it’s routine. When … Read More

The Dojo of Facebook Ads…

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With the prices of Facebook ads rising upwards of 40% in the last year, we decided it was time to do a webinar to help you get the most “Bang for your Buck” with your Facebook ads.  So tomorrow (Wednesday August 17th) @2PM EST I’m leading a one hour webinar called, “Reach your Community with Facebook”.    Here’s the deal: this webinar is for those who are going to implement  what’s taught. There’s no theory taught here. It’s all practical, nuts and bolts, real world stuff that’s tried and true.    In fact, here’s what we’re going to be talking about: … Read More