Can you Teach Expositionally AND Reach the Unchurched?

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"Bob, can you talk about how you teach expositionally and still reach unchurched people?" I get this question pretty regularly. The reason is, many guys who teach the Bible verse by verse aren't interested in reaching people far from God. On the other hand, a majority of the Pastors who take evangelism primarily teach topically and believe this is the best way to reach unchurched people. This question hits on 2 things that are very important to me: 1. Preaching verse by verse through the Bible 2. Reaching people far from God By answering this question I have to deal ... Read More

Sunday Stuff

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- Amazing day at Calvary!  - We continued our "He Said/ She Said" series today.  - I taught on Ephesians 5:25-29 and I talked to the men about what it means to be a godly husband - I hit the guys pretty hard, but many guys came up to me afterwards and thanked me - Next week, my wife Carey and I are teaching together on the wife's role. - This is the 1st time Carey and I will be teaching together on a Sunday. We'd appreciate the prayers.  - I had several Pastors email me and let me know ... Read More

Calling All Bookworms!

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So many of you know that I'm a pretty voracious reader. I usually read about 150 books a year. But at the start of 2011 I decided to not read anything except the Bible for the 1st month of the year. So I read the New Testament for the 1st 40 days of 2011.  But over the last couple of weeks I've been able to get through some good books on a variety of subjects. I hope you find something here that piques your curiosity. Here's the last 5 books I've read:  - Unmarketing by Scott Stratten - I finished ... Read More

3 Tools That Makes Me More Productive

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I use several tools that help me be more productive (In fact, I have an entire resource on how to be a productive leader). Here's 3 of them:  #1 - Omnifocus - this is way more than a program for adding "to do" list items. This was build around David Allen's "Getting Things Done" System. I have it on my Mac, my iPhone and iPad. They all sync, so I always know what I need to get done no matter where I am. Our whole office is on Omnifocus.  #2 - Text Expander - This program allows you to create ... Read More

Q and A: What Bible Software Do You Use?

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I've been a Mac user for 8+ years and one of my reservations to switching from a PC was, "What Bible software is available on for Mac?" Well, I discovered Accordance Bible software and I've been sold!  I couldn't be happier with their software. Many programs give tons of books (most of which are useless), but Accordance lets you pick packages that have books you'll actually use.  They have tons of commentaries available (which is my #1 reason for using Bible software) and original language tools (my #2 reason for using Bible software).  But here's the coolest thing: they recently ... Read More

Why Wednesday?

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We announced a couple of weeks ago that we're starting a Wednesday night service at Calvary on March 9th. A few Pastors have asked about the strategy behind our decision. So I thought I'd lay out our reasoning as to why we decided to do this.  First, we reach A LOT of new believers. That being said, new believers don't have any Biblical foundation. So while we offer our New Believers Class to ground them in the basics, there will remains a gap that isn't covered as quickly through Sunday teachings alone.  Our Wednesday night format is different than Sunday ... Read More

Sunday Stuff

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- Great day at Calvary!  - I taught on what it means to be one flesh from Gen. 2 - I've been blessed by all of the positive comments from this series - I love how God is using this marriage series! - I'm totally convinced that we can't simply preach tips and tricks about marriage. We must preach the heart of marriage and the essence of what makes couples one flesh. - I've taught on marriage several times and have quite a catalog of marriage sermons. But I decided that wasn't going to look at any of those old ... Read More

And then there was one…

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I'm blown away by the incredible response to my new Explosive Outreach Tele-Coaching network that's starting on March 2nd!  In fact, I've only got 1 spot left!  What do you receive by joining this network? - A monthly 2 hour tele-coaching experience (plus a recording of each session) - Over $400 in resources - A helpful review of one of your church's outreach pieces to maximize effectiveness - Insights from 12 other leaders who in this network with you  - FREE outreach pieces we've used at Calvary that have worked in big ways! - Plus, you can have the staff member ... Read More

The 5 Reasons Most Church Outreach Doesn’t Work

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Today (February 16th @2PM EST) I'm teaching a free 45 minute tele-seminar  called, "The Anatomy of ExplosiveOutreach!" I'm going to be talking about practical strategies for making your outreach efforts more effective and I'd love for you to be part of it.     Here's what you can expect to learn from this 45-minute tele-seminar:-  The 1 thing you absolutely must do in your outreach/ marketing efforts - The surefire way to make sure your outreach efforts work - How to spend less on outreach/marketing and reach more - How to have a clear strategy to reach people in your community - ... Read More

Why Isn’t Your Outreach Working?

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As we've been talking about outreach this week, another reason  churches get poor results in their marketing and outreach efforts is because they don't track their results. Here's the truth: if you aren't tracking your results, you have no idea if your outreach/ marketing is working or not.  Butts in the seats is not the only way to see if your direct mail, Facebook ad or Google ad is working. While I would agree that someone attending your church is the end result we want, there are other factors involved.  1. Someone could get your direct mail and go to ... Read More