Aim High

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"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark." - Michaelangelo

Just in Time for Easter!

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 Today we released a brand new resource at called, "Digital Evangelism: Reach People using Facebook". I'm very excited about this resource because Facebook has been a great way for us to reach people in our community. With over 400 million on Facebook, that means the very people in our communities that we're trying to reach are there! Facebook is a great way to reach people who need to hear the Gospel because it much more cost effective than other outreach efforts. This resource can get you up and running with your first Facebook ad today!What will you learn in this practical, nuts ... Read More

Investing in Others

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The main reason I do coaching is because I love Pastors and helping another leader brings me a great amount of joy. The other reason I invest in other Pastors is because it makes me a better leader. It's a weird equation, but the more I invest in other leaders, the more I improve in my own leadership. I believe that's a principle that's true for all of us as leaders. The more we invest in other leaders, the more our own leadership improves. So take that Pastor out to lunch, return that email from a church leader across town, and coach that ... Read More

Tests as Tools

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We're grateful that we've been able to exclusively hire from within at Calvary from day one. Having said that, we do interview extensively and test to make sure the person is right for the position.  The question is, "What tests do we use?" We use 3 different tests for 3 different reasons:#1 - Myers-Briggs#2 - Strengthfinder#3 - The DISC Profile Myers-Briggs tells us about the person's temperament. Strengthfinders tells us their natural strengths and the DISC tells us how they are best managed and the type of job they would excel at. All 3 of these things are important in selecting the ... Read More

Sunday Stuff…

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- Great day today!- I was a little nervous it was going to be a dud since I've ben having throat issues all week.- Thankfully my voice held out all day- I taught Acts 5:1-11 in the subject of money.- It's sad to me that most people go through 12 years of school and then 4 years of college and were never taught anything about money management. - We're doing our best to create opportunities to educate people about Biblical stewardship- The band sounded great. Mark led in Miramar and Joel led in Miami Lakes. Both did a fantastic job!- Easter ... Read More

Easter Series Promo Video

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This is brought to you by our 3-time Emmy award winning media dude.  This is for our new series "Ten Words" which starts on Easter...

The #1 Reason New Believer Follow Up Doesn’t Happen

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The #1 reason most new believer follow up doesn't happen is because we didn't think through how to get the contact information of those who made decisions to follow Jesus. At Calvary, we love using the Connection Card because it gives a person the opportunity to check off that they prayed to begin a relationship with Jesus. Then when we collect the cards at the end of the service we can follow up with those who made a decision. That's why you have to think through your invitation style, so you can ensure you're getting the contact information. Because the reality is, ... Read More

Easter Follow Up

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Easter is only 10 days away. My question is, 'Are you ready to follow up with the new believers God brings to your church?"The #1 reason new believers fall through the cracks is because no one followed up with them. Don't let that happen in your church this Easter! The greatest stewardship we have as leaders is the stewardship of people.  That's why I want to give you an opportunity to pick up our New Believer Follow Up System at a discount. Simply input the coupon code unchurched at check out and you'll be able to pick up this resource that's ... Read More


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I hear people talk a lot about burnout. I actually just talked to our staff about the subject this week at our staff meeting and here's the deal: most of what we can burnout isn't burnout. When I first became a Christian, I served several days a week. Looking back, I was probably serving 20 hours a week, plus a full time job and being a full time student. Why didn't I burn out? Simply put, because Jesus saved me and I counted it a privilege to serve Him. We need to be careful that we don't put the burnout idea into ... Read More

Creating a Culture of Evangelism

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 Today we released a brand new resource on the site.  It's called, "Creating a Culture of Evangelism: The Factors that Make a Church Magnetic". I particularly excited about this resource because it gets into our story at Calvary Fellowship and how we went from reaching zero people with the Gospel in the first 18 months of our church and over the last 18 months we're seen nearly 1,000 people make first time decisions for Jesus. In this resource we talk about the practical things we did to partner with the Holy Spirit in creating a new culture in our church. It's a ... Read More