What does it mean to send out a Church Planter?

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My good friend Bill has a great post about what it means to send out church planters today. I've got so much to say on this subject, I'm going to keep my mouth shut for a while before I get myself into trouble!

Who You are determines Everything

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We spent some time talking about the "Hedgehog Principle" at our staff meeting today. If you don't what that is, go buy Good to Great right now. Anyway, two of the questions are, "What are you most passionate about?" and "What can you be the best at?" We talked about what other churches are known for. We named them, discussed them, and found a phrase that described them. Then we talked about our church and what we are known for and why. Here's what we discovered: the passion of the lead Pastor determines the focus of the church. As the ... Read More

Calvary Fellowship in the PM

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We announced this morning that we are starting a Sunday evening service. On September 17th (Which is our 6-year anniversary by the way), we are going multi-site by adding a 2nd service at 6PM. We're going to be meeting in the Fellowship Hall of a local church (The sanctuary wouldn't work), and that will add another 200 or so seats for us, plus some Children's space. Carey put together a hilarious video and people responded really well to it (I'll post the video this week). I think this is going to open up a whole new group of people to ... Read More

Book Review: Jewish Spirituality

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I'll be honest with you, I'm a sucker for books on Jewish roots. I love them. I devour them. I got Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner in the mail a couple of days ago and grabbed it off my shelf to look through it while I was studying and an hour and a half later I had read the book. Let me say, this book probably should be titled: Jewish Mysticism. It does go into Jewish Spirituality, but delves more into a Reformed Judaism than a conservative Jewish faith or an orthodox Judaism (In ... Read More