2005 Book List

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Well, 2005 is a done deal. So here's the books that I read in '05. I think reading is really important for every leader. It's important to also not just read books by people you agree with. That takes the thinking out of reading. I try to throw a couple of zingers in there just to mix it up and keep me on my toes. I don't know if this will actually help anyone, but here goes... (Note: These are in the order I read them not the order, not of importance or personal preference) 1. Fields of Gold - ... Read More

Google sees into our hearts…

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Google released its' findings on the most popular searches in 2005.  Here is what they revealed that we're most interested... 1. Janet Jackson 2. Hurricane Katrina3. tsunami4. xbox 3605. Brad Pitt6. Michael Jackson7. American Idol8. Britney Spears9. Angelina Jolie10. Harry Potter A few of these I understand: Michael Jackson and his ongoing soap apera - OK Brad and Angelina - OK, we're interested in celebrities' lives (But I'm interested in why Jennifer Anistan didn't make the list)  Britney had a baby - OK  Tsunami - Obviously we're concernedHurricane Katrina - Makes total sense, we want to help But I can't ... Read More

Elements Reviewed!

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Lisa Berggren, Jason's wife from Generation Post offered a very kind review of my book Elements.  You can read it right here if you wish to...

Words I’m Totally Sick of – Part 1

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I don't know if it's my daily Flintstones vitamins, but I'm getting a bunch of stuff off my chest... and it feels great! So I'm going to talk about words that I'm totally sick of because they've become cliches in Christian circles. Here's the first one: #1 - Relevant - Pronunciation: re-l&-v&nt/ Function: adjective - Definition: relating to or bearing upon the matter in hand. RELEVANT implies a traceable, significant, logical connection . Has there been a more overused word in church circles in the last 5 years? I talk to guys who want to plant churches every week and ... Read More

Staff Christmas Party!

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Sunday night was our staff Christmas party.  I always look forward to this night.  Even though most of the staff hangs out together, we don't ALL get together that often.  So Sunday night we headed out to the Cheesecake Factory in Aventura for a great time.  I work with an incredible group of people who love God and are passionate about the mission of the church.  It was great to be there with all the staff spouses as well.   This is such a simple thing, but it shows them how much they are appreciated for all the hard work they ... Read More

Book Review: The Wounded Healer

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I just finished "The Wounded Healer" by Henri Nouwen. This has got to be one of the most insightful books I've read in the last 5 years. His understanding of the inner life of the minister is incredible. I connected with this book in ways that few other books have touched me. He wrote this book in 1979 and the book is still up to date. I would encourage every Pastor, church leader, and counselor to read this book. If you like John Eldredge's writings, Nouwen has that kind of flavor to him. 5 stars!

Love Story is Over…

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Besides our Christmas Eve-Eve service on Friday, my preaching year is done.  But I think it ended on a high note.  I feel great about the series we just completed.  I spend 5 weeks going through Ruth in a series called, "Love Story".  We feel like it's the best series we've done as a churchin our 5-year history!  I'm very proud of the messages and all the other elements were great!  Our band has never sounded better.  The video intros each were fantastic!  I'm looking forward to January and a new series on what the church is.  We're calling it ... Read More

I’ve Had It!

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:::::Warning: Major Rant Ahead::::::::: OK, I've had it!  I am SO sick of "Christians" talking crap about each other!  We wonder why people's opinion of the church is at an all-time low.  Give me a break!  I don't blame them.  The church is the most dysfunctional family I've ever seen!  One of my best friends, Bill LaMorey, is planting a church in Hartford, CT and is working his butt off trying to serve the Lord in an area that desperately needs the Gospel.  This blog has decided to "critique" (Read: talk crap) about Bill's outreach efforts and nitpick Bill's sermon ... Read More

Hiring from Within!

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Those of you that read this blog on a regular basis know that I love the Red Sox more than a well-adjusted adult should. But something happened happened yesterday in Red Sox Nation that I believe can encourage us as Pastors and leaders to do something that we already know. The new co-general managers of the Red Sox were hired from within the organization, even though the Sox ownership interviewed many people with tons of experience from other teams. Why did they stay in-house with 2 guys that are 31 & 32 years old respectively? Because "They understand the type ... Read More

New Elements Review!

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Bryon Mondok over at Calvary Jupiter, (a church that helped us tremendously as we were getting started) wrote a very kind review of my book "Elements" on his blog.  By the way, you should add him to your Bloglines.  You can read the review here...