What a Week!

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To say this week has been crazy would be the understatement of the year! Hurricane Wilma hit us pretty hard and of course I didn't prepare at all! We had no food in the house (in our defense, we were in the process of moving), no gas in the cars, and no shutters on the windows. But God got us through it. We stayed at Jason's house (our children's Pastor) and ate burgers and hot dogs EVERY DAY for 5 days. I don't know if I will ever eat a hot dog again after eating a dozen dogs in less ... Read More

Escape from Miami!

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Here's the latest: 35.5 million people have no power. 98% of FPL customers don't have service. But what's weird is that I do. The townhouse (Which I recently sold) is fully powered (hence why I can type this). but to make a tough hurricane situation worse is that I'm in the process of moving. So what did I do while Wilma was coming through? I was packing boxes! Now I'm driving in between powerlines & downed trees to move boxes and my other goods. But everyone's fine. Power is restored at our theatre and we will be having church on ... Read More

Update on Wilma

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Hey Everyone, Hurricane Wilma is literally passing over my house and thankfully everyone is fine. We just lost power. I'm writing this from my Treo. Right now, about 500,000 homes are without power. The eye should be passing us in a few minutes. Please prayfor us. There should only be a couple more hours left.

Is anybody Buying Clergy Appreciation month?

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Does anybody really pay attention to clergy appreciation month? I think I've received 1 card in 5 years. I think some of that is because many of those in our church don't come from a church background and this tends to be a churchy thing. I've always felt kind of weird about it. Is anybody with me on this? Also, why is ti a whole month? Mother's get a day. Father's get a day. Christmas is 1 day. So why is Clergy appreciation one month long? I don't appreciate it...

Book Review: Now I can Die in Peace

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I usually don't read sports books, but when one of my favorite columnists, Bill Simmons, wrote a book about the last 4 years of being a Red Sox fan, I had to read it. This book: "Now I can Die in Peace" was amazing. I laughed out loud about 500 times. He captured so many of the emotions that you go through following the Sox that it was a great read. If you love baseball, especially if you love the Red Sox, you have to buy this book. It's great!

The Reality of Church Work

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People are under the impression that church work is easy. I talk to people who say, "You guys at church have it easy. You sit around waiting for the phone to ring. You pray and read the Bible all day until someone needs help." These comments make me feel like Clubber Lang did about Rocky Balboa: "I'm gonna hurt him...real bad!" The truth is church work is probably the most grueling work there is. I believe it can be fun and rewarding, but it's not easy. so here's my list of the not-so-fun-stuff in church world: #1 - teaching a ... Read More

2 Things You Can’t Buy

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We have a staff member leaving at the end of the month. This staff member has been with me since we started. He and I go back about 11 years. When someone decides to venture off and do something else with their one life, you start to think (selfishly) about how that's going to impact you and your organization. Here's what I realized: you can hire people to fill the position, but you can't buy loyalty or trust. Trust is built over time and loyalty is proven when a person has to opportunity to be disloyal. So consider that when ... Read More

World Series Predictions

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It's down to 2 teams: The Astros and the White Sox. So here's my question: Who is going to win it all this year? Post your prediction...The winner and in how many games. My prediction: The White Sox win in 6 games...(Sorry Astros fans. But they aren't going to score any runs against the White sox starting pitching)

The Night of the Living Dead

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Last night marked the 1-year anniversary of the beginning of the Red Sox's historic comeback last year. Down 3 games to 0 against the source of all evil Yankees, they won it in dramatic fashion. From Dave Roberts' stolen base in the 9th inning and Bill Mueller's game tying base hit off of Mariano Rivera to then the homer of all homers by David Ortiz to win it in the 12th inning! This night one year ago reminded me why I have stuck with this team for my entire life. One year ago, life was good and it would only ... Read More